Indoor Climbing Walls from WORLD PLAY SOLUTIONS


Indoor climbing will soon overtake outdoor rock climbing in terms of popularity. Some of the obvious advantages are that participants are able to climb all year round (regardless of weather conditions) and indoor climbing walls provide a safer climbing environment than outdoor crags. Indoor climbing facilities are also able to provide a wide range of climbing activities, such as roped climbing challenges and bouldering within a single location.

Climbing activities are a recognized way to help develop self confidence, trust, motivation and increase fitness levels. Furthermore, there's no need to climb alone - group climbing activities are a great way to promote team building, or to simply provide a fun-filled experience for family, friends and colleagues. 

Birthday parties provide an ideal opportunity for groups to climb together and enjoy a tailor-made party experience.

As well as the themed and traverse climbing walls that we supply, WORLD PLAY SOLUTIONS also provides a vast array of modular climbing walls, as well as advanced climbing and bouldering walls. 

We're also continually seeking to bring new and innovative products to our clients and this is reflected in our range of interactive climbing wall products. Whether your facility is solely focused on climbing, or a combination of activities, we'll supply everything you need, from equipment to training and operational support.