• World Play Solutions is an American / European partnership with our US head office in Las Vegas, Nevada, our European office in London, England, manufacturing facilities in both the UK and in Aspe, Spain.
  • Our expert team with MANY years of experience has proudly designed, produced and installed indoor playgrounds, trampoline parks and related play equipment throughout the world - throughout the USA, Canada, South America, the Mideast and Africa.   
  • We provide top quality, superior value play equipment with cutting-edge designs at fair, affordable pricing, and the components we use to manufacture our products are from European and American suppliers. 
  • We humbly but confidently state that WORLD PLAY SOLUTIONS offers clearly-superior VALUE when compared to our American, Canadian and European competitors, as well those importers and Chinese exporters of play equipment made in China.   

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Production, Design & Installation Crew



The installation process is a critical component of any indoor playground or trampoline park. The quality of installation will affect the quality of the finished product.  If the playground or park is improperly installed -- no matter how high the quality of the play equipment is - the ultimate safety of the indoor playground or trampoline park can be greatly compromised.

WORLD PLAY SOLUTIONS has an IN-HOUSE team of highly experienced and skilled professional installers. Our installation technicians each have several years of playground installation and trampoline park experience.  When not out in the field, our technicians are working Hands-On in the factory to help produce our top quality products in the UK and our new facility in Aspe, Spain (Alicante Province).   They are each intimately familiar with the products we produce and proudly put their personal stamp of approval on each and every product to ensure quality control.   Our installers have themselves installed MANY hundreds of indoor playgrounds and trampoline parks all over the world, have strict procedures and adhere to the highest standards — helping to ensure our playgrounds and parks are safe, durable, visually appealing and easy to maintain. 

Our professional  IN-HOUSE installation team will be our first guarantee of installation quality.  In comparison, many of the other suppliers do not have their own installation workers but instead sub-contract the installation jobs to others and thus they are not able to control the quality of the installation as closely as WORLD PLAY SOLUTIONS can. 

**We consider our IN-HOUSE installation team to be a distinct and powerful competitive advantage, and of course a great benefit to our valued clients.**

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