Warlick Family YMCA indoor playground.   Gastonia, North Carolina

Feedback & Testimonials

"World Play Solutions installed play systems in our new Warlick Family YMCA in Gastonia, NC at the end of 2017...The YMCA has struggled to keep the attention and even membership of families with children over the age of 7 due to limited age appropiate interactive play elements for years. World Play Solutions provided the best option for our children to climb, slide, push, pull, roll, and glide through a 24 foot tall climbing center and slide.  The families are flocking to our Y to be a part of it and the children do not want to leave the Adventure Center...Many thanks for the innovation, thought, caring, hard work and final product!  We love World Play Solutions!!!"

Tony Sigmon, CEO 

Gaston County Family YMCA

Feedback/testimonial from Mr. James Gable, Facilities Director YMCA San Diego County, regarding the play structure we recently designed, produced & installed at the Dan Mckinney La Jolla Family YMCA:   "Phenomenal product!"  

Soft Contained Play Equipment / Indoor Playgrounds

Soft Contained playgrounds have proven to be a safe environment for children by providing them with a space where they can freely play, eliminating the risk of falls from raised heights, as well as potential injuries from protrusions and sharp edges. 


Safety is of critical importance and always a top priority in our designs. Safety is of paramount importance and is critical when designing any play area. It is something that WORLD PLAY SOLUTIONS embraces as part of promoting safe play.  We adhere to all the strictest guidelines established by industry organizations such as ASTM, CSA and CPSC, as well as the most strict European regulations, EN1176, EN117.  


WORLD PLAY SOLUTIONS has incorporated some unique play elements that are specifically designed to offer the greatest amount of diversity in the play experience. A good design should offer equal opportunity for gross and fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, pretend play, sensory enhancement and social play opportunities. 


Visibility is critical to your number one customer, Parents.  Good, visible design dictates a smooth combination of great open play opportunity with just enough enclosed plastic to be fun yet still highly visible from all viewing angles. 


You must have the ability to accompany, access, respond and remove a child from the apparatus. Your client must be able to get to every point within the equipment themselves or with very little assistance. This builds confidence. WORLD PLAY SOLUTIONS has considered these elements. All systems WORLD PLAY SOLUTIONS designs and manufactures meet all latest A.D.A regulations and Standards.


Our soft-contained playground systems are designed and configured to the highest quality standards.  They are constructed with only the best quality materials to ensure safety of the users and for minimal maintenance. If properly used, monitored and well maintained, our equipment will provide years of enjoyment for your youngest customers as well as serve as a positive attraction for their parents. 


  • Limited 20 Year Warranty on structural integrity of play system (steel and clamp parts) 
  • Limited 5 Year Warranty on slides (plastic and fiberglass), plastic capsules, and plastic play tunnels.
  • Limited 1 Year Warranty on nylon netting, webbing, PVC-coated items (including flooring) and all other items, including air-filled products.

The Warranty is valid only if the structure and play equipment have been installed by World Play Solutions, have been subjected to normal use for the purpose for which the goods were designed; have not been subject to vandalism, misuse, neglect, or accident; have not been subjected to addition or substitution of parts; and have not been modified, altered, or repaired by persons other than WORLD PLAY SOLUTIONS. 

REPAIRS AND MAINTENANCE There is no obligation or responsibility for World Play Solutions to repair and/or replace any materials if damaged by vandalism, product misuse, abuse or alteration, improper or lack of maintenance, normal wear and tear, or acts of nature. We supply high-quality replacement parts and accessories for our playgrounds such as Cable Ties, Netting, Decks , Post Pad Foams, Roof liners.




The installation process is a critical component of any indoor playground project. The quality of installation will affect the quality of the finished indoor playground.  If the playground is improperly installed -- no matter how high the quality of the play equipment is - the ultimate safety of the indoor playground can be greatly compromised.

WORLD PLAY SOLUTIONS has an IN-HOUSE team of highly experienced and skilled professional installers. Our installation technicians each have several years of playground installation experience.  Our installers have themselves installed MANY hundreds of indoor playgrounds all over the world, have strict procedures and adhere to the highest standards — helping to ensure our playgrounds are safe, durable, visually appealing and easy to maintain. 

Our professional  IN-HOUSE installation team will be our first guarantee of installation quality.  In comparison, many of the other suppliers do not have their own installation workers but instead sub-contract the installation jobs to others and thus they are not able to control the quality of the installation as closely as World Play Solutions can. 

**We consider our IN-HOUSE installation team to be a distinct and powerful competitive advantage, and of course a great benefit to our valued clients.**


WORLD PLAY SOLUTIONS carries specific Product Liability coverage on everything we do. We will be happy to provide you with insurance certificates upon request. 



It goes without saying that children’s safety should be the top priority in any playground.  And having high quality equipment utilizing the highest quality materials is the first important step towards ensuring safety.

In the long run, having high quality indoor playground equipment also helps to greatly reduce maintenance costs and ensure long-term profitability. Low quality equipment, on the other hand, will inevitably require frequent servicing which can in turn, cause an otherwise profitable business to lose money. Having low quality products can lead to safety issues which can cause valued playground visitors to lose trust in the playground facility. 

At first glance, all indoor playgrounds may look quite similar but look closer and you will discover very significant differences in quality among them. What actual materials are being utlilized?   WORLD PLAY SOLUTIONS materials include:

Tuff Skin Post Padding  A durable solution to cover the steel components and soften the structure’s hardest parts. Tuff Skin is so durable that it reduces the wear and tear from everyday use. This is a very important feature.  With Tuff-Skin Post Padding, choking hazards are eliminated as children cannot pick hard enough to pull the padding from under the vinyl-dipping. 

Heavy 1” Box Net (Second level) A nylon fabric net used in areas that are not accessible for climbing. This larger netting is pulled tight between the grids keeping children safely encased on upper levels of your playground. 

Low Maintenance, Durable Play

World Play Solutions  emphasis for the main play structure is in utilizing highly durable, low maintenance plastics, high-quality, vandal-resistant Tuff Skin post padding and netting, and durable soft foam decking with industrial 18 oz true vinyl. The resulting design offers easy maintenance and upkeep, while maximizing play value for your guests. 

No-Climb (.48”) Nylon Netting (Lower Levels Only) • 100% Black Nylon with UV-protective additive • Created of 3/8" nylon-mesh fabric designed with a small-holed pattern to prevent climbing • Passes weight-load testing requirements as required by ASTM F1918-98, Standard Safety Performance Specification for SCPE, Section 9.5 Protective Barriers (Including Netting) • Flexible to install and fit to size • Attaches to pipe frame with a flexible rod and electrical ties Panduit• Suitable for preventing climbing on lower levels of indoor or outdoor play systems as well as overhead. 

Netting Made of durable 4 CM nylon mesh. 8mm mesh no climb netting for accessible perimeter of  Lower Levels.


Panduit Safety and Cable Ties Highly durable ties wrapped around post pad foams to secure pipe covers. 

Roof Liners  Woven polyester scrim base fabric, mildew and rot resistant and ultraviolet light resistant. 

Metal Frame Constructed with 2” outer diameter structural steel tubing joined with cast iron clamps. 

Windows Polycarbonate windows (same material used in bullet proof windows). 

Clamps Made of galvanized steel, welded by automatic welding robots and powder-coated to add a thick and durable layer of protection to prevent rusting.

Deck boards The deck boards are over 2 inches thick consisting of 3/4" thick high quality plywood and 1.5" thick high Density foam, wrapped in PVC vinyl. 

Plastic Tubes 30” diameter polyethylene roto-molded tubes. All major plastic components of our indoor Playgrounds are made of shatter-proof compounded Resins that are usually found in outdoor playgrounds.

Wave Slides Our fiberglass wave slide is made of color edge which is abrasion-resistant and highly durable. Powder coated brackets and screws.

PVC Vinyl Heavy-duty 18oz industrial-grade PVC vinyl is 0.55mm thick, strengthened by 1000D nylon weave inside the coating

Vinyl Upholstery 18 oz. reinforced heavy duty soft and durable, poly urethane, lead free, UV stabilized vinyl. 

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