WORLD PLAY SOLUTIONS also supplies innovative, high-quality fitness technology and gaming fitness products.  We help our valued clients create fun, exciting environments where the worlds of technology and movement intersect -- not only providing a truly unique gaming experience for your guests but also offering children, teens and adults a diverse range of fun activities, games and adventures that the entire family can enjoy.   

Our interactive play assortment will make an immediate and positive impression upon any visitor, and the fun active game play will keep users coming back for more.  By adding one, two or a roomful of interactive play products it is the perfect complement to: Indoor Playgrounds, Toddler Soft play, Trampoline parks, Climbing walls, Ninja-Warrior courses, Inflatables, Special Needs play and more.


4Active is a 1-4 player exergame system using a ActivePad (a hi-tech step/dance mat style interface) to control the game play. With incredible high-definition (UDH 4K) graphics and fun game for multi-player, the 4Active fitness game system will entertain all ages, from young kids, teens, adults and seniors.

The immersive games will give the users hours of fun, friendly play, while be active all the time.

Target add-on product: Tween/Teen Zone, Kids Play Area, Open Space     Ages: 6+


VALO CLIMB Augmented Climbing turns a climbing wall into a real-life video game that you play in. Augmented Climbing combines motion tracking and projected graphics to create a fun but challenging interactive game. Interactive graphics and games maximize the capacity of any wall. Even small walls can have hundreds of distinct routes and games that create new fun challenges for climbers. The highly visual wall is also entertaining to spectators and can be used for displaying logos and ads. Projection size can be adjusted, ideal is 10’x12’.

Target add-on product: Climbing Wall areas or Stand-Alone climbing area.     Age: 7+


iWall Fitness brings an immediate impact to your facility with its immersive game-play and high-quality graphics. iWall is a gaming platform that transforms the player's body into a game controller to challenge players to use their body movements and gestures to control gameplay. One of iWalls keys to its success, is the fact that it's accessible to anyone, no matter age, skill- or fitness level. It's just plain fun!

Target add-on product: Must have product for any family entertainment area. Playgrounds, Trampoline parks, Ninja-warrior courses, Laser tags, Bowling zones, climbing zones, game areas.  Age: 5+


MagixFloor turns any floor area into a Interactive Playground for Kids with 100+ Amazing Games and Applications to choose from. MagixFloor is a all-in-one integrated unit, designed for plug and play to get your staff and members using it right away.

Includes 30 Games. Floor area can be adjusted from 10’x12’ down to 4’x6’

Target add-on product: Must have product for any young kids area, especially if adding a Playground structure of softplay area.     Ages: 1-12 years.


CardioWall offers a range of products ideally suited for Family Entertainment Centers (FECs) and Trampoline Parks. 

· Freestyle Duo is a 1-2 player reaction wall game for trampolines.

· High-9 challenges 1-2 players with bounce control and hand speed for trampolines.

· DodgeAttack creates the ultimate team dodge ball style game with electronic scoring.

· Skypods allow customized set-ups with LED reaction sensors.

· Trailblazer is an Interactive traverse climbing wall for all ages.


Tap Wall – T-Wall - Touch Wall Target games

A multifunctional fitness, sports, and entertainment touch wall provides fantastic movement based games. A great focal point for your facility that keeps guests coming back for more. Meets all technology 

The interactive gameplay motivates users to react as quickly as possible when the lights on the board illuminate to turn them out.

Target add-on product: Party and Event Room, Teen/Adult Fitness areas, Lobby and waiting area   Ages: 4+