A Ninja Warrior course can be added to compliment an already existing leisure facility or produced as a stand alone product. Drive more customers to your establishment by providing them with a unique experience they'll find hard to match anywhere else.

World Play Solutions builds and installs Ninja Warrior training courses that require a combination of skills. We draw upon disciplines and components used in trampolining, parkour, rock climbing, rope courses and other sports. The challenger is forced to focus not only their physical capabilities, but they're also challenged mentally, keeping them engaged and wanting more even if they manage to complete the course. Once we understand your target audience, our team can build your Ninja Warrior obstacle course to suit a wide range of ages and levels. Furthermore, we can design and install your ultimate obstacle course around an already existing facility, better utilizing space. To keep in harmony with your leisure facility, we can style, brand or color to your preference making it a simple addition.

Having originated in Japan, "Sasuke" or Ninja Warrior has become hugely popular all over the world. These unique physical challenges were given a huge boost by the success of the U.S. "American Ninja Warrior" series. The obstacle courses attract those of all ages and backgrounds and are a great choice if you're thinking of adding some variety to your trampoline park business, climbing wall facility or any other FEC or Adventure Park. We're also now seeing the emergence of large facilities that are solely dedicated to Ninja Warrior training.

Our Ninja Warrior training courses are built to be both adaptable and scalable. You can change the intensity level of the course or add additional components at any time. With over 50 elements so far and still counting - here's a look at just a few:

  •   climbing walls
  •   monkey bars
  •   sea of rings
  •   jumping spider wall
  •   tilting ladder
  •   traverse box
  •   traverse rings
  •   warped wall
  •   floating boards
  •   sea of swings
  •   cargo net crawl
  •   hanging doors
  •   balance log
  •   ball crossing
  •   island steps
  •   parkour steps
  •   ring slider
  •   salmon ladder
  •   sea of balls
  •   zip line many more. We can even build a custom element if you have the idea.

Ninja Warrior Suppliers... and then some

If you're looking to open a Ninja Warrior facility or Adventure, Family Entertainment Center then we have the perfect solution for you. 

Let World Play Solutions help develop your business model. We'll do every part of your business plan including acquiring demographic information and the complete financial modeling.

World Play Solutions will help you bring your vision to life. We'll design and produce your Ninja Warrior training course as well as build trampoline parks and playground equipment. We can also supply any other equipment/ features that you need for your facility. Climbing and bouldering walls, VR (Virtual Reality ) and AR (Augmented Reality) attractions, we can supply and install all of these and much more.

Our clients benefit from the fact that we're not just Ninja Warrior course manufacturers - we'll ensure you get the best POS software, website, PR/marketing...

We're Ninja Warrior course builders with a difference. Get in touch with us today... We'll design, manufacturer and install your Ninja Warrior Course with a WOW FACTOR!