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World Play Solutions designs, manufactures and installs Trampoline & Adventure parks throughout the United States and Canada, Central and South America,  UK, Continental Europe and Scandinavia, Middle East including Dubai and the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait and Israel.   We also build them in Australia and New Zealand, South Africa, Kenya and more!   

**NO NEED TO FRANCHISE!   Ask us about our 360° Service (scroll down for more information).  We can help you with your goal of opening a Trampoline park and/or Adventure Park on multiple levels: providing a turn-key solution from initial concept to design, layout, production, installation, maintenance and providing expert assistance to help maximize ROI, reviewing  (and/or writing) your business plan, boosting average customer spend per visit, increasing frequency of return visits, keeping your facility at the cutting-edge versus your competition, helping you to target a wider audience and more… 

Open and operate your park with Your name, under Your control at a SUBSTANTIALLY LOWER COST VERSUS A FRANCHISE.  NO "up-front" franchise fees or ongoing royalties.  We provide our experience and expert advice -- along with a solid network of Very useful industry contacts.  You call the shots and earn MORE money as an Independent Operator!  

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WORLD PLAY SOLUTIONS provides Top Quality, affordable trampoline park equipment, manufactured with strict adherence to the most stringent U.S. and European safety standards and specifications. 

Trampoline parks are one of the fastest growing segments in the attractions and recreation industry.  The popularity of trampoline parks has drastically increased and new facilities are opening weekly. Trampoline parks feature trampolines with an assortment of sizes and features for families and friends to enjoy the most unique trampoline experience. Trampolines make exercise fun for all ages, helping to build stamina while also improving muscle control and coordination. Parks also provide a venue and activity for large gatherings, including parties. 

WORLD PLAY SOLUTIONS offers a variety of options including: Basic Long Beds, Foam Pits, Basketball Zone, Volleyball Zone, and a Dodge Ball Game Area. 

Modular Design - unlike many other suppliers who use permanent structures by drilling into the floor, our trampolines are an interchangeable, frame based modular design. This means new components to the market can be added in at any time keeping your facility up to date with current trends. You can keep your trampoline park looking fresh by rearranging your current layout from time to time to give a different feel - bringing new customers through the door, increasing the frequency of visits while keeping the 'WOW' factor.


Safety - Trampoline parks are classed as an extreme sport. As with any other sport, injuries will inevitably occur, but it should be the operators responsibility to best ensure the safety of their customers.  

WORLD PLAY SOLUTIONS ensures best practices by specifying the highest quality materials utilized in manufacturing its equipment,  and adhering to strict ASTM International safety standards and regulations.


3-D Modeling - after receiving floor plans and discussing the clients vision in detail, our design team will put together a 3D model. This helps to visualize what the final facility will look like and the client can make as many necessary changes needed before the production process begins. This service is free and part of the WORLD PLAY SOLUTIONS process.



Initial consultation - Understanding your needs (requirements, budget and vision)

Custom  Design and Planning - we work together bringing your ideas to life in a 3-D model, helping you visualize the final facility

Manufacture - with using only the best quality materials the production process begins in our own factory

Installation - specialist trained engineers complete the set up of your Trampoline Park System, helping you understand the different aspects and components before handover

Maintenance - full warranty given with a maintenance package available and our support when you need it


  •   Main Jump Arena
  •   Dodgeball Court
  •   Basketball Slam Dunk Zone
  •   Toddler Jump Area
  •   Walk Wall (Wall Running)
  •   Foam Pit
  •   AirBag
  •   Gladiator Battle Beam
  •   Slack line
  •   Jump Towers

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World Play Solutions 360° SERVICE

World Play Solutions is an established designer, manufacturer and installer worldwide of commercial trampoline and adventure parks, ninja warrior courses, climbing walls, modular and toddler soft play and related equipment with substantial expertise in both the design and economics of operating a successful trampoline-anchored indoor Family Entertainment Center (“FEC”).


We have carefully examined all of the critical stages and important aspects required to successfully open and operate a profitable Trampoline Park/Adventure Center/FEC and are able to offer our many years of collective and combined experience.

You as our Very Valued Client may very well be seeking to better understand the business and design elements, along with investment required to open and operate a successful, trampoline-anchored indoor FEC and.or Adventure Park.  

For a REASONABLE Fee (just give us a call!), World Play Solutions will critically evaluate your idea to open a facility and will put together a professional, comprehensive Business Plan for not only your own internal planning purposes, but also for raising capital that may be required from investors to pursue this business venture.

And a Great feature of this service is that you may apply the Reasonable fee required later as a 100% credit towards the purchase of necessary trampoline and other play equipment from World Play Solutions.  

We proudly offer the following services to CLIENT:


Let World Play Solutions create a comprehensive Business Plan customized to CLIENT’s specific geographic market - understanding demographics and competition --  based upon actual existing operating numbers currently being achieved by other FEC clients and other operators within the industry.   


2. Detailed 3-D Concept Designs & Facility Layouts 

With at least 5 (Five) perspectives of facility showing configuration and layout with pricing COMPLETE of play equipment (including materials, shipping and installation).  We will also provide Up to 4 additional revisions of the initial CAD layout (for total of Five CAD layouts) at NO additional charge.


3. Property Search guidance along with Site visits 

4.  Links and referrals to Preferred Ancillary Suppliers with Preferred Rates – including specialized Liability Insurance to operate a trampoline-anchored FEC, Food & Beverages, Point of Sale &  Booking Software, Trampoline Socks and consumables, other.

5. Other Services as Needed: Staffing & Recruitment, Training, Much other.  


And to top it off: 


Should you, our Very Valued Client,  choose to proceed with this business venture and place an order with World Play Solutions for the trampoline and other play equipment, then 100% of the Reasonable Fee paid by CLIENT for this Service will be applied as a credit by World Play Solutions towards the total Sales Price of the PLAY EQUIPMENT.   

And by the way, we are HIGHLY confident  that our equipment pricing will not only be substantially lower than our North American and European competitors, but also our designs will be more innovative and in the end -- of Superior Value.   PERIOD. 

We genuinely look forward to EARNING YOUR BUSINESS!   

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Much more information - and video - coming soon on this WAY COOL attraction that World Play Solutions proudly now offers, and EVERY indoor Adventure Park needs to have one! 

 Must have at  least 18 feet clearance.   Separates your center from the competition, adds additional revenue stream for a JOY RIDE over your Adventure Park / Indoor Family Entertainment Center.    

Not only maximize your facility's revenues and profits per square foot/meter, but also per CUBIC foot/meter!

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LightJumper Trampoline Park Fun!

Light Jumper is a video game where the user interacts while jumping on a trampoline. The game is installed on a platform with a trampoline as a base and a frontal screen in which to project the interactive scene. An image recognition system based on LED light bracelets and anklets wore by the user, detects the extremities of the player turning them into controllers. Using these multi-pointer controllers, the player interacts with the different game pieces that appear on the screen either by catching, selecting or avoiding them.

The objective is to achieve as many points as possible as the game increases in difficulty. To accomplish it, it will depend on the player’s abilities of synchronization, endurance, strategy and speed. Game Selection is done by the user. They select the game, and the difficulty level (3 Levels). Games include: Jump, Fight, Bang, Forms, Insane. A leaderboard will be available in the next upgrade.

Supplied with:

  • LightJumper Computer
  • LightJumper Software with 5 Games, Lifetime license
  • LED Camera Sensor

Not included, required to play: Projector, Display Screen, Trampoline, Internet Connection. LightJumper is suitable for players aged 6 and older, with a recommended minimum height of 47” (120 cm).

Level Up Your Trampoline Park

More about LightJumper

While video games are usually played sitting down in front of a screen, the philosophy of Light Jumper is to extend the game to a more physical level and into a public space, so that players interact with other users as well as doing a beneficial physical activity for the body. With Light Jumper, players achieve this by jumping on a trampoline.

Retro-fit your existing trampoline park, or include the system as part of the initial park design - LightJumper will be a certain draw for your visitors. It's great fun for all ages but kids especially love the vibrant colours and arcade-style sounds.

click on photo to view video

click on photo to view video